PEAK SPEED was developed by Brian Bond (Professional Football Player) Drew Siegel (chiropractor) and Dan Caputo (football and baseball coach) with over 50 cumulative years of experience. This program is designed to maximize speed and agility , increase strength and flexibility, improve conditioning, and minimize the risk of injury during the season. 

Peak Speed incorporates plyometric training for power and explosiveness, core strengthening and flexibility and injury prevention training. Techniques to increase speed including: resisted running, overspeed training, and form running drills.

Athletes are educated in safe and effective training techniques that they can continue to utilize during the season. Understanding the development of young athletes is what separates Peak Performance trainers from all the rest. We understand the uniqueness of a maturing adolescent, physically, emotionally, and mentally. We always consider and address the stage of development the child has entered. This alone makes an immense difference in how a child should or should not be trained.

Class Options: We offer 3 classes per week as part of our group fitness schedule for children 8-13. Monday and Friday at 4:30 PM

Personal Training: Your child or teen can work one on one with a trainer to learn effective, safe, and age-appropriate training techniques. Choose 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions to suit your needs..

Small Group Training: This one hour training has the best of everything with the attention of a personal trainer at a more affordable price. For partner training, think siblings, best friends, parent/child. Available for small groups of up to 4 people.

Also available 30 minute Express Small Group Training.